You Must Know This When You Design Your Studio Condo

In this article, we will discuss a matter about living in condos with Studio type, the smallest type of all existing condo types. There are many types of condos that we can find in Singapore. One of them that is sought after is the studio type condo. Considering that there are many advantages to studio condos, it is not surprising that many people glance at them, although designing a condo after it is occupied is not easy. Therefore, if you want to save your budget by choosing a condo that doesn’t require more renovation projects, we suggest you check out Landmark condo price and its design.

However, when you redesign a studio condo, you can take advantage of existing furniture and corners. This type of condo is very appropriate to live in. You must pay attention to your furniture so that the room is not too crowded. You can attach a glass wall to make it look wider and it can certainly be used to dress yourself up. However, if you wish to buy a better condo with more space at an affordable price, we suggest you look at the Landmark condo price and its size.

On the side of the room, you can work around this with angles for cooking, watching tv or even for work and study. You can also design a studio type condo room with walls that are not empty as is so that it is more presentable. You can remodel the wall into 3 functions at once for studio type condos. However, if you want an easier choice, you might need to consider buying the Landmark unit.

The right side near the entrance can be used for a minimalist-sized cooking area with shelves for storage. The middle area can be used for a relaxing area with a minimalist sofa with bright colors. While the left corner, you can use it for work or study. You can beautify it with beige.

In other inspirational designs, you don’t need a special divider to separate the room. You just need to tighten one room with some existing furniture. For the sleeping area, limit it to the bathroom wall and the left area is made to store the wardrobe. This design makes you more comfortable to occupy the studio condo.

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